• Українська Весна

    Українська Весна

    Париж | 18.09.2022-28.02.2023

    Українська весна в Парижі формує запит на пізнання української культури   У вересні команда проєкту Українська Весна запускає новий культурний сезон, який познайомить французьку публіку з українським контекстом. Проєкт створила команда волонтерів, яку згодом підтримали Український інститут, Посольство України у Франції, DofaFund та Агентство США з міжнародного розвитку (USAID). Залучивши ря ...

  • Research project

    Research project "Education for Cultural Managers. Current State and Development Prospects"

    Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv | 15.06.2021-30.10.2021

    In acknowledgement to Viktor Dzhulay (1958-2009), Dean of Arts Theory and History, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (1994-2009)   Today, an affirmative answer to the question whether managers in the realm of culture are needed is obvious. For successful operation and development of organisations, institutions and companies in the cultural ecosystem, one has to have qualified m ...

  • Residence Transcarpathia: inside and outside

    Residence Transcarpathia: inside and outside

    Uzhhorod | 31.05.2021-20.06.2021

    Transcarpathia: Inside and Outside Project was scheduled for May 2020 as an international residency program for participants from Ukraine (Odessa and Uzhhorod) and countries that border with the Transcarpathian region, namely Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The program partners included various art institutions from these cities and countries who in their turn nominat ...

  • Her (ex)position

    Her (ex)position

    Київ | 01.06.2020-01.06.2021

    Dofa Fund project with the assistance of the Korners Auction House, and with the support of Ukarainian Cultural Foundation. The project aims to support women who are beginning their journey in arts. The challenges of 2020 – quarantine restrictions and lockdowns – have brought up the issues that artists face when they choose art as a professional path. Do the closest people and oth ...

  • The Second Cultural Exchanges Program

    The Second Cultural Exchanges Program

    Odesa | 17.09.2019-19.11.2019

    We have already talked about the purpose of cultural exchange programs in the First Cultural Exchange Program section. However, let's summarize a bit. These preparatory trips before the forums allow: Managers from different regions to meet each other and establish effective working groups. To understand the demands of local audience more clearly – what exactly do people want to hear and ...

  • The Cultural Forum “SlobodaCult”

    The Cultural Forum “SlobodaCult”

    Uzhhorod, Mukachevo | 15.05.2018-21.05.2018

    The forum was supported by the Renaissance Foundation, the US Embassy in Ukraine, and the Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises Grant Program. Philosophy of the heart of Hryhoriy Skovoroda; the powerful vanguard of the Red Renaissance; Kharkiv School of Photography; Arabesque Theatre; Vitaliy Kulikov, Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Yevhen Svitlychny; Pavlo Makov, Serhiy ...

  • Artists Residency «Like U»

    Artists Residency «Like U»

    Tatariv | 02.11.2017-06.11.2017

    Based on the survey provided by the Institute of World Policy in 2015, there is no any cultural elements or notions with which Ukraine would be associated among the population of the largest EU countries. To contribute to the solution of the problem, we developed the concept of the project according to the belief that culture is an important socializing factor that gives citizens a sense of pride ...

  • The First Cultural Exchanges Program

    The First Cultural Exchanges Program

    Ужгород, Харків | 24.05.2017-08.09.2017

    We have already said a lot that one of our key principles is not to bring a "finished cultural product" and not to impose our own vision, but to work out the program of each forum together. So that the team had: people from the region that presents itself,  the host party, experts and specialists from other cities that introduce external optics and have specific expertise.  ...

  • The Cultural Forum “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult”

    The Cultural Forum “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult”

    Kharkiv | 01.10.2016-31.10.2016

    What kind of Galicia can you picture? With coffee shops and pastries, churches and courtesy, portraits of Ivan Franko and old Habsburgs? Kryjivka of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, OUN traditions? The anxious worlds of Bruno Schulz and Sacher Masoch; nostalgic melody in the texts of "Stanislavsky Phenomenon" authors; neo-baroque carnival of the "Bu-ba-bu" association; c ...

  • The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv

    The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv

    Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015

    The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” held by our initiative in Kyiv from October 28 to November 11 produced a great public response. The Forum held 83 art events, demonstrating the intellectual and cultural potential of Donbass. The admission to all the events was free. Within two weeks the forum was attended by 15 000 visitors. Illustrated report on the project you can find here. “DONK ...

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